Welcome to Miller Bros. Blades

We are three brothers that are proud to make high quality knives, swords, tomahawks and other tools right here in the U.S.A. with American made products.

We make a number of "Models" based on blades we have made over the years. These can be found on our Current Models Page.
All available items for sale can be found on our available items page.

We support our Military, Law Enforcement, Fire Fighters and EMS workers. 
Please contact us if you are Mil./L.E. for more info on discounts.   Thank you for your service.       


Upcoming Shows:

June 2nd -4th 2017     -   Blade Show 2017 Atlanta, GA  -  Booth #45

October 21 &22    -    California Custom Knife Show 2017   -   Garden Grove, CA 
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Attention!                    -Status update-                  Attention!

Thanks to all our customers and followers. Our order books are now closed.
Due to the volume of orders we have received, we are not taking orders for Standard models or Customs at this time.
We do not want to extend our wait time any longer. We will be finishing existing orders before taking any new orders.
Please keep an eye on the "available items" page of our website. We will try to keep it updated with new items as they become available.We will post when we are accepting order again on our website and on our Facebook page.
Thanks again for your support and understanding.
Allen, Scott, and Timothy Miller

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Check out our new Models and revised models for 2017

All Miller Bros. Blades knives and swords are made to be tough. Check out our test videos to see for yourself.

Each one of our blades is made here in the U.S.A. 

Test Videos

New for 2017

Made in the U.S.A.

Available Blades

 Available Items are listed on the "Available Items" page
These items include:

  • Current Models
  • One of a Kind
  • Customs
  • Prototypes

Availability changes daily.
Contact us at amiller@millerbrosblades.com
for more available items.  

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