Custom Sheaths Attachments

  • Hybrid Leather/Kydex sheaths

  • Secondary Retension Straps

  • D Ring attachments

  • "Piggyback" Sheaths

  • Sling attachments

  • Belt / Boot Clips

  • More..

Contact us for more info and pricing

Leather D-Ring Dangler

Heavy leather Belt Loop with D-ring for carry on belt.

Secondary retention Strap on handle

1-1/2" wide Black or Brown Leather

Fits up to 2" wide belts (can be custom sized for your belt)

  Price: $95      

Rigid Sheath Design

Most of our larger knives and swords come with this design built into the .093 kydex sheath. This is our signature look/design and makes a stronger more durable sheath.  

Sheath Options Video

Overview of the kydex sheath attachments available for MBB knives and swords.

Scout / Horizontal Carry

Heavy leather straps for Scout / Horizontal carry on belts.

Available in Black or Brown Leather

Depending on the knife the straps will have 1 or 2 buttons on the straps. 
Small-Mid Sized knives usually have 1 button, Larger knives have 2 buttons on the straps. We can also add a button strap on the handle similar to the Leather D ring Dangler attachment below. Contact us for info on customizing this and other attachments. 

Scout Loops only - Price: $60         
Scout Loops & Belt Loop with secondary retention strap - Price: $120 
(as pictured in photo at left) Belt Loop is removable. Kydex Fire steel loop and Exotac fireROD not included)

MOLLE / PALS Platform

U.S.A. made

These can be attached with Bolts or 550 cord

For mounting the sheath to any MOLLE compatible Vest, Belt, Pack etc.

Two platforms can be used for mounting large knives and swords.

Price: Large -  $40 each
                          Color: Coyote Brown  only
                             Large MOLLE Platform measures 6" X 4-1/2"
Small -  $28       For knives under 12" overall length
                           Colors: Ranger Green or ACU Camo 

Accessory Plate / Pouch 

This can be mounted to the front of the sheath for mounting pouches, sharpening stones, etc.

Front Accessory Plate ONLY - Price: $25

Front Accessory Plate w/ Eagle Industries MOLLE Pouch (Coyote Brown) Price: $35

Shown on M-8 knife sheath with optional fire steel loop and Drop leg attachments.

Fire Steel Loop

Can be mounted to almost any sheath or
the Front Accessory Panel.

Please specify fire steel size 1/4", 5/16" or 1/2"

Fire steel loop only - Price: $15  (Ferro rod not included) 

Kydex Holder / Loop for nanoSTRIKER XL™ Price: $30

Exotac fireROD™ or
nanoSTRIKER XL™ (see Merchandise page for more info)

Standard MBB Sheath

Comes with each MBB knife or sword

  • Black Kydex .093 thickness
  • "Pancake" Style 
  • Custom Molded to each individual blade.

The Standard MBB Sheath has no attachment points other than the eyelets.

Colored Kydex Sheaths in OD Green and Flat Dark Earth are available for an additional cost and as a custom order option.

MBB knives and swords come supplied with our Standard Black Kydex Sheath.

We found that most sheaths supplied with knives had to be modified to incorporate them into your kit.

Our standard sheath can be configured a number of ways with our sheath attachments, as shown below.

Let us know how you want to carry your blade and we will help you find the best way to do it.

These sheath attachments should be ordered prior to the blade being shipped as they require fitting.

For more info on carrying or mounting a MBB product contact us at

If you already own a MBB, most of the below options require the return of the knife and sheath for proper fit and function. 

Sheath / Mounting Options

Leather Tip Protector 

Thick Leather covers the end / tip of the kydex sheath and offers additional protection.

​Price: $10

MBB Knife Belt 

Heavy Leather Belt 
Quick Detach COBRA buckle.  
Adjustable/movable attachments for securing knives, holsters and other gear. 
Black or Brown Leather      
Fits up to 41" waist (other sizes available)

Price: $150

Deluxe Sheath  Video

Highlights some custom sheaths with multiple attachments and custom features.

Leather Back Carry System

Our sheaths have snap in retention from the kydex.
We can add a secondary retention strap to this set up as well if the user desires (as pictured in the photos in below gallery)
The sheath can be changed so the blade faces the other direction as well.
Great way to carry a sword or large knife
Can be configured a number of ways.
Utilizes a Cobra Buckle for quick on and off.
Fully Adjustable (Fits most)
Please use extreme caution when attempting to draw or re-sheath any blade using this system.

Contact us for more info and options.

Price starts at $375

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