MBB Blade Oil/Wax and Leather Conditioner

Great for maintaining our blades and leather items. 

  • Helps prevent rust on metal surfaces

  • Protects against water, dry rot, and mildew on leather

  • Made with food safe ingredients  

Price: $12    (2 ounce jar)

MBB Knife Belt 

Heavy Leather Belt

Quick Detach COBRA® buckles by AUSTRIALPIN™. 

Adjustable/movable attachments for securing knives, holsters and other gear. 

Black or Brown Leather     

Fits up to 41" waist (other sizes available)

Price: $150          

Click on image for lager view

Custom Lanyard Bead & Lanyard  

  • 1/2" Round
  • 3/4" Long
  • Stainless Steel
  • Each Bead is unique
  • 550 Paracord lanyard
  • Price:$25 + shipping               

Miller Bros. Blades

Compass Logo Hat

.USA Made,

features a rivetless top design


Price: $25 ​ 

MBB Patch

2"  Embroidered Patch

Gray & Black

Velcro backing

Price: $5

MBB T-Shirt 

"Proudly Made In America"

- Shirt made in the U.S.A -      

 -  100% Cotton-          

 - Color: Tan or Black

- Sizes: X-Large,  Large,   Medium

-  Graphics  on right sleeve -

Price: $26              

Accessories & Merchandise

To order any of the below items, fill out the order form or email us at amiller@millerbrosblades.com  with size, color and quanity.

Please include your payment preference, Credit card/Paypal. We also accept Check/ MO.

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