Leather Tip Protector 

Thick Leather covers the end / tip of the kydex sheath and offers additional protection.


Leather D-Ring Dangler

Heavy leather Belt Loop with D-ring for carry on belt.

Secondary retention Strap on handle


Rigid Sheath Design

Most of our larger knives and swords come with this design built into the .093 kydex sheath. This is our signature look/design and makes a stronger more durable sheath.  

Sheath Options Video

Overview of the kydex sheath attachments available for MBB knives and swords.


Mounted to the front of the sheath. Custom Leather or Nylon pouches hold Sharpening stones, or other survival gear.

Fire Steel Loops 

Below are some of the attachments we add to our sheaths.

For more info on carrying or mounting a MBB product contact us at amiller@millerbrosblades.com

Sheath Attachments

Deluxe Sheath  Video

Highlights some custom sheaths with multiple attachments and custom features.

Leather Back Carry System

Our sheaths have snap in retention from the kydex.
We can add a secondary retention strap to this set up as well if the user desires (as pictured in the photos in below gallery)
The sheath can be changed so the blade faces the other direction as well.
Great way to carry a sword or large knife
Can be configured a number of ways.
Utilizes a COBRA® buckle by AUSTRIALPIN™. 
for quick on and off.
Fully Adjustable (Fits most)
!! Please use extreme caution when attempting to draw or re-sheath any blade using this system !!

Custom Sheaths Attachments

  • Hybrid Leather/Kydex sheaths

  • Secondary Retension Straps

  • D Ring attachments

  • "Piggyback" Sheaths

  • Sling attachments

  • Belt / Boot Clips

  • More..

Contact us for more info and pricing amiller@millerbrosblades.com

Scout / Horizontal Carry

Heavy leather straps for Scout / Horizontal carry on belts.
Also work for mounting on slings and straps.

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